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Sires & Breeding Ewes

 1.  Breeding Program

We began breeding on September 5, 2017.   Will breed about 55 registered Suffolk Ewes and Suffolk/Hampshire cross-bred Ewes — to begin lambing in early February, 2017.

4-H’ers will have a very good selection of 2018 4-H Market Lambs.

2015 Suffolk Ram Breed Show – Kelly receiving the Champion ribbon for Vorac Ram Lamb 1538 RR/NN — won the late junior ram lamb class — then won the Champion Suffolk Breed Show.   Ram 1538 is one of our 5 stud rams that we currently use.

Our brood ewes are heavily influenced by Tom Slack (Indiana), Bill MacCauley (Pennsylvania), Ellerbrock (Illinois), Bob Kimm (Iowa), and Miller (Texas) Hampshire genetics.

90% to 95% of the 2017 lamb crop will be RR/NN lambs.   We keep extensive breeding records and individual ewe lambing records.

We’ll also breed about 10-14 ewes each year for other shepherds with small flocks.   If you want your ewes bred — you can choose from any of the rams we have — if there is room in the ram’s breeding group.   Ewe Breeding Service information is on the “How to Purchase” tab.

We’ll be using these 5 Stud rams in 2018 as Sires for our 2019 lambs — and for the ewes we breed for other people.

  1. 2014 MacCauley Ram 3052 RR — born in 2014 — son of MacCauley Suffolks Champion, Slick Sheared Suffolk Ram at the 2013 North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE) in Louisville, Kentucky.   We purchased 3052 in August, 2014.   This ram has produced many very nice lambs for us in 2015, 2016 and 2017.   Click on MacCauley’s website:  MacCauley Suffolks
  2. 2014 Vorac Ram 1446 RR/NN.   A very thick, solid 2014 ram lamb, with the best growth, loin, length and thickness of all our 2014 ram lambs.   At 5 months old, Ram 1446 weighed 192 lbs.   As a late junior ram lamb — 1446 was the Reserve Champion Suffolk Ram at the 2014 Great Frederick Fair.   Sire: MacCauley 2392 RR “Crossfire”.   Dam: Vorac 1003 RR/NN, with some Bob Kimm (Iowa) and Tom Slack (Indiana) genetics.   As a yearling, Ram 1446 was shown at the Great Frederick Fair in September, 2015.   He was beat out by our Vorac Ram Lamb 1538 RR/NN.
  3. 2015 Vorac Ram 1538 RR/NN.   Our best 2015 ram lamb — Champion Suffolk Ram (as a ram lamb) at The Great Frederick Fair in September, 2015 — Reserve Champion Suffolk Ram in 2016 as a yearling.   In 2015 Ram 1538 was leased to a producer in Maryland to see how his 2016 lamb crop develops.   Twin ram lamb 1537 RR/NN was sold to a Suffolk producer in Garrett County, MD.   We began using 1538 for the first time in fall of 2016 for 2017 lambs.
  4. 2016 MacCauley Ram 3645 RR/NN.   His sire is MacCauley’s 3068 — the first place Yearling Suffolk Ram and Reserve Champion Slick-Sheared Suffolk Ram at the 2015 NAILE in Louisville, KY.   (NAILE: North American International Livestock Exposition).   Our MacCauley Ram 3645, as an Early Jr. Ram Lamb, was the Champion Suffolk Ram in the Suffolk Breed Show, at the 2016 Great Frederick Fair.   This means that our MacCauley Ram 3645 beat all other Suffolk Rams (Yearling Rams, Fall Ram Lambs, Early Junior Ram Lambs, and Late Junior Ram Lambs) shown at the 2016 Great Frederick Fair.
  5. A new Ram will be added to our flock this summer.

2.  Vorac Breeding Ewes for the 2018 lamb crop

All our breeding ewes are registered, a few are percentage ewes (crossbred Suffolk/Hampshire ewes), and are registered with Percentage Papers.   Most of our breeding ewes have Codon tested as RR, a few are QR.   We have no QQ sheep, they were eliminated 17 years ago in 2001.

3.  Rams for Sale 

2017 Ram Lambs for Sale.   We showed two 2017 ram lambs this year — Ram Lamb 1711 and Ram Lamb 1712 — both out of different sires.

.  Sold:  Vorac Ram Lamb 1711 RR/NN, single, to producers in Pennsylvania.   Sire:  MacCauley 3052 RR.   DOB:  2-23-2017.

.  For Sale:  Vorac Ram Lamb 1712 RR/NN, twin.   Sire:  MacCauley, 3645 RR.   DOB:  2-24-2017.

4.  2017 Pennsylvania Ram & Buck Goat Test  

Initially selected 8 possible 2017 ram lambs — narrowed down to 2 ram lambs, 1710 and 1722 which were sent to the PA Ram Test.   We kept two ram lambs 1711 and 1712 to show this summer — one ram lamb has been sold — and the other three ram lambs were wethered (castrated) and sold for meat.  Ram 1710 and 17222 were the two top indexed Suffolk Rams on the PA Ram Test in 2017.   Both Ram Lambs gained 74 and 73 lbs. in the 77 day test.   Data is on the PA Livestock Evaluation Center website.

Ram Lambs and Buck Goats are on test for 77 days, evaluated for breeding soundness, weight gain, scrotal size, loin eyes ultra sounded, indexed — and then were auctioned at the PA Ram & Meat Goat Buck Sale on Saturday, August 5, 2017.   Send an email to request information about the 2017 Sale — and get your email for 2018 information.   For more information, contact Greg Hubbard, 1-814-238-2527.  Email Greg Hubbard at:   ghubbard@pa.gov

For more information and to review the two-week reports and download the Sale Cartalog — Click on website:   PA Livestock Evaluation Center

Click on “Programs” — then click on “Ram Testing Program” — for the bi-weekly reports.

Click on “Catalogs” — for the 2017 Sale catalog — listing the Buck Goat, Rams, plus Ewes and Doe Goats.  The two Vorac Suffolk Rams are Lots 112 and 113.